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Writing Parties

Write With Friends

Loneliness is an epidemic. Heart. Soul. Pen. community writing parties invite guests to partake in a writing experience unlike any other: an hour of writing in short bursts and sharing your work guided by Robin’s strength-based feedback. Guests find themselves more creative than they ever dreamed. Writing parties take place at cool locations around town and provide a huge hit of creativity, community, and connection – just what the doctor ordered!

No prior writing experience necessary. Just a pen, paper, and an open heart 🤍.

“I can’t wait to do this again!”

“Bottom line: totally amazing!” 

“It was incredibly inspiring.”

“Robin encourages everyone.”

“My friends loved it – and so did I!”

“I can’t believe what I wrote!”

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Do you want to write but believe - deep down - your story is not important or you are not a 'real writer?'  Download the workbook and let go of limiting beliefs holding you back. Unleash your story now!

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