Harmoniously blending actionable advice and spiritual insight, a renowned writing mentor gives women the tools they need to discover their voice–and themselves–on the page. Crafted with the female experience at its core, this transformative compendium unlocks the keys to individual expression within all of us. Inspired by the acclaimed program sharing its name, Heart. Soul. Pen. has already brought about a sea change in innumerable lives. Now, it extends an invitation to anyone on the transformative journey that is unlocking one’s true potential as a writer.

Coming April 30, 2024!

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Revise limiting beliefs before your write so you can unleash your radical self-expression and get to the heart of what wants wants to be written.


Follow the TIDES of your work and stop judging while you write. Instead of viewing your work as ‘good vs. bad,’ move into the land of Curiosity & Discovery. 


After you write, remember that  you are the arbiter of your own value – no one else. Regardless of how your work is received, your words are worthy. Because it is.

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